The Ukrainian team
Iryna Kyporenko
Iryna has been a journalist in Odessa for five years, working for various media such as Reporter,, Hromadske and She writes mostly about politics, social movements and decentralization and has produced her first documentary, "The Ferry Crossing".

Olga Ivashchenko
Olga is a photographer from Kharkiv. She now lives in Kiev where she takes photographs linked to political and social news for Ukrainian and international agencies including Reuters, AP, AFP and EPA. She also does reports for the online media The Ukrainians.

Iuliia Mendel
Iuliia was born in Kherson and studied journalism in Kiev before going to work for ICTV television. She then produced an investigative programme for the independent channel Espreso TV. This year she joined the Inter station, for which she is covering the US elections.

Sergiy Polezhaka
Sergiy, who has a diploma in journalism, is a photographer and video cameraman in Kiev. He covered all the Maidan revolution and the Donbass war as an accredited photographer for the German daily newspaper Bild. He also publishes his reports on Radio Free Europe.

Olha Yevstihnieieva
Olha is an independent journalist from Lviv who specializes in economic affairs and corruption. She is also interested in data journalism. In 2014, Olha was active in the EuroMaidan SOS movement in Lviv.

Iouri Helytovych
Youri, 30, is an independent photographer in Lviv for magazines and museums. He is also a cameraman and works on reports for the regional station NTA and private TV channel 1+1.

The Swiss & French team
Stéphane Siohan
Stéphane is a French journalist. He is a permanent correspondent in Ukraine for Le Figaro, Le Temps, Le Soir, Canal+, RTL and Radio Canada, for whom he covered the Maidan revolution and the war in Donbass. He also produces documentary films for the East Roads Films company.

Gaëtan Vannay
Gaëtan is a Swiss journalist specialized on Russia and on conflict zones. He has been working for 15 years for Swiss public radio (RTS), Radio Canada, Radio France, Al Jazeera, Le Temps and others. Gaëtan was the RTS correspondent in Moscow and also headed the international service of RTS from 2009 to 2014. He is now a journalist in residence at the Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP) in Geneva.
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